Choose your piece. Choose your color. Adapt it to your body shape. Katso Cuir dress everyone.

Live a unique experience, find leather that hugs each of your curves. Our team of experts on site will take into account your various measurements as well as your preferences. Sleeve length, total length, chest, shoulders... Every detail counts, your desires, your tastes and your expectations are our priorities.

It's not just a simple experience, it's an opportunity to learn more about your body shape, to discover yourself and to dare to do something new.

Live the Katso Leather experience to the end by personalizing your piece. Want to change color? Each of our pieces is available in the House's wide range of colors. Don't like the pockets of the piece you're trying on? It is possible to remove them or exchange them with those of another model. Don't you like silverware? That's no problem, you can choose it in matte black.

But how is it possible to achieve all this? We have our own workshops in Morocco, the Katso Factory. We control our entire production chain, from design to the finished product and thanks to our ancestral know-how we can offer you such a concept, all with recycled leather, for eco-friendly production. 

How to do ? Go directly to one of our points of sale. Order your part and receive it within 14 working days, on site or at home!



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